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Laboratory Use - Tissue Blood Flow

Introducing VasoVUE G1™ for Tissue Perfusion and Blood Flow Monitoring


VasoVUE G1 is our customizable multimodal imaging platform that can assess perfusion and blood flow status of any optically-accessible tissue in the animal laboratory. Having developed core hardware and software modules, VasoVUE G1 is the most customizable offering from Vasoptic Medical that can meet diverse research needs. 


VasoVUE G1 combines laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI) technology with other reference technology to obtain perfusion patterns in exposed tissue:

  • Dynamic blood flow information is obtained via high frame-rate LSCI,

  • Perfusion status is obtained via fluorescence (such as ICG) angiography,

  • Live view  is obtained via high contrast reflectance imaging,

  • Synchronized & registered data acquisition eases comparative analysis.

  • Long working distance allows easy integration into experiments.

Contact us to check if and how the VasoVUE G1 can enhance your research. 

View standard imaging specifications here.

CAUTION—VasoVUE G1 is a device for investigational use in laboratory animals or other tests that do NOT involve human subjects.

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