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TEDCO gives four, $200K investments to local life sciences companies

The Maryland Technology Development Corp. is giving a total of $800,000 in investments to four local biotech companies.

Each of the firms will receive a $200,000 grant through TEDCO’s Life Science Investment Fund. The fund was created to help give startup companies in life sciences fields a chance to have their technology validated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and to help further develop the product.

The companies receiving investments are:

  • AsclepiX Therapeutics, a spinout of Johns Hopkins University that focuses on biotechnology and ophthalmology research.

  • Sonavex, also a Johns Hopkins spinoff, which produces machinery that can detect blood clots during surgery.

  • Vasoptic Medical Inc., a South Baltimore company that is creating eye-imaging technology to help those who suffer vision loss due to diabetes.

  • Gel-e, a College Park-based biotech company that tracks blood flow through patients.

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