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Vasoptic Medical gets second investment from Abell Foundation

The Abell Foundation made its second investment in a year in Vasoptic Medical.

Just like last summer, the nonprofit invested $250,000 in the medical device startup.

“Expanding our investment in Vasoptic Medical Inc. is a win-win for Baltimore,” said a joint statement released by the Abell Foundation board. “Vasoptic is growing Baltimore’s innovative tech industry and is poised to improve access to affordable healthcare for low-income populations.”

Vasoptic Medical, which moved from Columbia into an office in Mindgrub’s space near McHenry Row in Locust Point last year, is developing a device that allows primary-care doctors to give eye exams to diabetes patients. Since all diabetes patients are at risk for a condition that could cause blindness called diabetic retinopathy, eye exams have become a part of medical care. Vasoptic’s device would eliminate the need for an eye doctor to be present during those exams.

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