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Evaluation of Motion Artifact Associated with Use of a Custom, Handheld Imaging Device for Non-Invasive Retinal Blood Flow (RBF) Measurements in Telehealth Settings

June 1, 2015

ARVO Annual Meeting Abstract  |   June 2015




To evaluate motion artifact during the use of a custom, non-mydriatic, handheld imaging device to non-invasively capture vessel-specific RBF using laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI).




Five adult Wistar rats were anesthetized and laid on their side for retinal imaging. The custom device was held by the operator while stabilizing an elbow on the table during imaging. In each eye, two separate sets of 40 consecutive images of the same region using red laser (650 nm) illumination were acquired in rapid succession (at 100 frames/sec) and analyzed to calculate the translational shift across the image stack. Three points corresponding to prominent vascular features (branch points and vessel edges or termini) were selected on each image. For each point, the standard deviation from the mean of the magnitude of the motion across the image stack were calculated and compared to identify intra- and inter-session variability in the raw laser speckle images. An LSCI image was developed from each stack; three prominent features were compared to further evaluate inter-session translational motion.


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