Vasoptic CEO Presents on Mobile Health at Health IT Forum

January 31, 2014


Mobile technology is transforming the way patients and doctors interact.


That was the message conveyed by a panel of speakers at a Health IT Forum hosted at Johns Hopkins University’s Montgomery County Campus.


The Health IT Forum series, held four times a year, is a community partnership co-sponsored by the Montgomery County Department of Economic Development, the TechCouncil of Maryland and the

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. The January forum, titled “Patient Tools for Better Health,” attracted approximately 50 health IT experts from the region.


Panelists were M. Jason Brooke, chief executive and general counsel of Vasoptic Medical; Sandra Garrett, president and chief executive of Global Record Systems; Harsha Rajasimha, senior director of genomics services at Strand USA; and Peter Thorp, general partner, B7.


The group addressed the challenges and benefits of improved technology in managing patient care and patient-doctor relationships.


For full story click here.

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