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Maryland Start-up Signs Exclusive License Agreement With the Johns Hopkins University


Columbia, MD (November 7, 2012)—Vasoptic Medical, Inc., a Maryland-based start-up medical device company, today announced the signing of an exclusive license agreement with the Johns Hopkins University to develop and market a novel imaging technology for clinical diagnostic purposes. The company will initially target early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy—a medical condition that afflicts nearly 1 in 3 diabetes patients and results in severe vision impairment and blindness.

“This agreement brings the imaging technology one step closer to commercialization and, more importantly, to a patient population in need of a simple means to diagnose and prevent the onset of a debilitating medical condition,” said Abhishek Rege, PhD, co-inventor, co-founder, and CEO of Vasoptic Medical, Inc. “The underlying technology promises to address a variety of clinical conditions, but the global prevalence of diabetes and significant impact of diabetic retinopathy makes this condition a compelling initial target.”

“The mobile technology under development at Vasoptic Medical promises to address each of the main areas of importance in healthcare today, by increasing access to quality, preventive medical care at reduced cost,” said Joseph Smith, MD, PhD, FACC, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of the West Health Institute and member of the Vasoptic Medical advisory board. “The ability to bring the technology directly to the patient makes the Vasoptic Medical solution particularly well-suited for diagnosis and prevention of diabetic retinopathy.”

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About Vasoptic Medical, Inc.

Vasoptic Medical, Inc. is an early-stage, start-up company with a mission to advance healthcare through innovation in medical diagnostics. Headquartered in Maryland, Vasoptic Medical is committed to creating and delivering value to the patient and the healthcare system.

For more information, please visit or contact:

Jason Brooke, MSE, JD

COO, GC & VP of R&D

Tel: 410.730.1896

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