Contrast-enhanced imaging of cerebral vasculature with laser speckle

August 1, 2007

Murari, Kartikeya, et al. "Contrast-enhanced imaging of cerebral vasculature with laser speckle." Applied optics 46.22 (2007): 5340-5346.




High-resolution cerebral vasculature imaging has applications ranging from intraoperative procedures to basic neuroscience research. Laser speckle, with spatial contrast processing, has recently been used to map cerebral blood flow. We present an application of the technique using temporal contrast processing to image cerebral vascular structures with a field of view a few millimeters across and approximately 20  μm20  μm resolution through a thinned skull. We validate the images using fluorescent imaging and demonstrate a factor of 2–4 enhancement in contrast-to-noise ratios over reflectance imaging using white or spectrally filtered green light. The contrast enhancement enables the perception of approximately 10%–30% more vascular structures without the introduction of any contrast agent.


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