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Next Generation Non-invasive, Dynamic

Retinal Blood Flow Imaging


Portable Benchtop Retinal Blood Flow Imaging System

* XyCAM is currently not available for sale or clinical use in the United States.

XyCAM™ Offering

Easy to use

Imaging procedure is similar to color fundus photography offering operators a seamless transition through minimal training

Non-mydriatic image acquisition

Pupil dilation is not required in a dark room

Safe, comfortable illumination

Low-powered, non-hazardous illumination allows subjects to focus with ease


The pack-and-go system is easy to set up for imaging at multiple sites

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Dynamic and quantifiable output

Dynamic and quantifiable blood flow measurement synchronized with finger pulse oximeter data


The small-footprint system allows the optimized use of bench and facility space 

High imaging quality​

Images retinal vessels and blood flow with:

- High spatio-temporal resolution

- High reproducibility of measurements

- Dynamic flow-sensitivity over a wide range

Advanced analytics

XyCAM Imaging Suite™ Software permits region- and feature-specific assessment of data, exportable for research

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We would be excited to work with you, and we are confident that we can create a flexible solution that suits your needs

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Imaging Result Examples

Multiple Display Modes for Different Applications

*XyCAM is currently not available for sale or clinical use in the United States.

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