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The XyCAM RI is a Class II medical device only available in the United States.


Vasoptic Medical Inc. is a Baltimore-based medical device company developing and commercializing high-quality, cost-effective products for non-invasive, dynamic assessment of blood flow and vascular status.


Vasoptic Medical has developed the non-invasive XyCAM Retinal Imager for visualizing retinal blood flow dynamics without the need for contrast agents. Designed for use in ophthalmology and optometry settings, the XyCAM RI captures and provides dynamic blood flow information in the human retina and provides tools for its quantitative assessment and greater insights into retinal status. In addition to clinical use, the XyCAM RI is also well-suited for use in clinical trials where monitoring ophthalmic blood flow is helpful. The XyCAM RI is currently in clinical trials for its application to diagnostics and management of various ophthalmic and systemic ailments. 

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