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Vasoptic Medical Inc. is a Baltimore based medical device company developing and commercializing high-quality, cost-effective products for non-invasive, dynamic assessment of blood flow and vascular status.


Empowering Early Disease Diagnosis and Prevention Through Noninvasive, Affordable Blood Flow Monitoring

Retinal blood flow monitoring is gaining importance as a means for research and clinical diagnostics of ophthalmic and other systemic ailments.

Studies indicate correlations between changes in retinal blood flow and the early stages of disease conditions, such as:

Diabetic Retinopathy


Alzheimer's Disease


• Heart Disease, and 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Early diagnosis and routine monitoring of disease status leads to better symptom management and improved clinical outcomes.


Noninvasive, Anatomical and Physiological Imaging of Micro-vasculature

in the Field of View

Our technology provides the ability to quantify critical biometrics from micro-vessels, including:

• Vessel Diameters

• Vessel-Specific Blood Flow

• Distribution of Blood Flow

• Vessel Density (i.e., angiogenesis)

• Vessel Tortuosity

• Artery/Vein Discrimination

These biometrics offer insight into the health and viability of the imaged tissue and related organ(s). Whether at a single time-point, or by tracking changes over time, these biometrics can provide information to clinicians and researchers that may be useful for delivery of care or development of disease management strategies.


The XyCAM RI™ is an affordable, easy-to-use retinal imager designed to rapidly and non-invasively capture vascular information from the retina.


XyCAM Hi™ is a handheld version of the XyCAM RI, providing the same level of blood flow assessment capability with more flexibility and mobility. 


* XyCAM is currently not available for sale or clinical use in the United States.



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